Extraordinary Words, Extraordinary Worlds

Extraordinary Words, Extraordinary Worlds

In Autumn 2014, our team of theatre practitioners and writers drew on their experience of devised theatre, writing for theatre, immersive theatre and physical theatre to devise a programme that allowed children to explore and create ‘Extraordinary Worlds’. Whilst developing a framework that each of our schools can follow, we want to ensure that Verse vs Verse allows for individuality and for individual needs and priorities to be met. Some schools have opted to focus on a set text and give their students an alternative way of experiencing these books; whilst other schools have opted to explore a wide range of literature. Throughout this term the children have delved into lots of texts sampling fiction and non-fiction and debating The Nature of Stories considering what makes a good story and where they might be found. Students have explored stories whether it is their set text or a book by a favourite author and looking at setting, by thinking about Extraordinary Worlds creating their own world collectively and finally they have enriched their vocabulary, learnt new words and invented their own Extraordinary Words.
For examples of their work please visit the children’s portal on the main site.

3 of our drama facilitators reflect on their experiences below.


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