Week 4: Shakespeare Animations

Week 4: Shakespeare Animations

Here are a few Shakespeare Animations found on youtube. Maybe you could think about animating the plays you are studying!

Whiteboard Drawings The Tempest, Act I Scene 1 



Finger Puppet Shakespeare: The Tempest



Craft Video: The Tempest



This is a short summary of William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” in form of a common craft video.


Anya explains Shakespeare’s famous play to two young girls, using flash animation. © 2003.

Some quotes from the children:
“Does everybody die?”
“That is just so awful! I mean, like, imagine running into your sword!”
“Are you sure you didn’t read this hard enough?”
“I like that play, but I liked Hamlet better.”

Watch it here!
Commentators: Erin and Jenny Hayden, ages 11 and 7.
Creative Consultant: Nancy Sans
Animation: Anya Rose and Jim Hickcox
Writing, Narration, and Design: Anya Rose
Music: Verdi Requiem


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