A big thank you!

A big thank you!

To all who attended our inset day, we hope you enjoyed yourselves. Here is a key activity from each Artist led workshop:

Ciara’s sculpting game – one person as sculptor, the other as clay. Choosing an adjective and an emotion to mould the other person into. Activity can be extended by exploring the different ways we might all interpret a sculpted person, using sticky labels.


Paula’s Free Writing – 10 minutes of solid writing, not taking pen off page. No right or wrong way. Example of structuring the activity, ask students to write about all the objects they’ve seen from the moment you woke up to now.


Dee’s animation activity – using ipad app ZU3D, we used 12 shots per frame but this can be changed on the app.


Some more photos from the day:

IMG_4732IMG_4658 (1) IMG_4679IMG_4674IMG_4708IMG_4711IMG_4714IMG_4756IMG_4761